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Juvo wins the GSMA’s GLOMO Award for innovation in fintech

Juvo’s FiDaaS platform was elected by the judges in the “Best Mobile Innovation for Payments and Fintech” category at the 25th edition of the awards organized by the GSMA.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 5, 2020 – Juvo, pioneer of Financial Identity as a Service (FiDaaS), received the GSMA’s Global Mobile (GLOMO) Award recently in the category Best Mobile Innovation for Payments and Fintech. The award was made by a panel of judges in the 25th edition of the GLOMO Awards, which was first organized in 1995.

With its FiDaaS platform, Juvo partners with mobile network operators to develop financial services for 3.9 billion underbanked people in the world who do not have a credit history. Thus, daily transactions of consumers are used to create a credit identity that allows them to finance from airtime to devices or other services, progressively. As a result, mobile operators also benefit from the increase in revenue from their core business, and can even create new sources of revenue through partnerships with financial service providers.

“Very impressive novel concept and highly efficient execution, an outstanding example of how mobile financial services can make a real difference to people’s lives – a true innovation that is already having a big impact”, judges of the GLOMO Awards commented.

“We are very excited about this recognition. It is the perfect closing for a 2019 in which we have advanced tremendously in markets such as Latin America and Asia, with new agreements with operators that will allow us to give more people the chance to access financial services, many of them for the first time in their lives”, Said Steve Polsky, CEO of Juvo.

About Juvo

Juvo is a pioneer of financial identities for the underbanked. The company’s mission is to create the YES Economy by closing the information gap for the 3.9 billion people worldwide who are locked out of the formal economy due to a lack of credit history. In partnership with leading mobile network operators and financial institutions, Juvo leverages previously untapped data sources to build comprehensive financial identities, allowing billions of underbanked consumers to qualify for credit and other financial services, often for the first time.

Headquartered in San Francisco with regional headquarters in Miami, Singapore and São Paulo, Juvo’s footprint spans 26 countries across four continents. The company has built over 200 million financial profiles and unlocked more than a billion transactions to date. For more information, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, or find us at