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Coderland deploys its development capabilities in the cryptoactive sector

The digital transformation and development company Coderland was selected by BitBase, a company based in Barcelona, Spain, for the development of its cryptocurrency trade platform management core

MADRID, Spain and PANAMA CITY, Panama, November 14, 2022 – Coderland, the digital transformation and development subsidiary of Dominion, a Spanish company listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange (BME: DOM), was chosen by BitBase as the company in charge of developing the purchase and sale management core for its cryptocurrencies platform based in Barcelona, Spain. 

We have placed our capacities at the service of BitBase, supported by an outstanding professional team that has developed the platform and ultimately the BitBase cryptocurrency buying and selling operations center,” said Jorge Rubia Antúnez, CEO and founder of Coderland. 

BitBase has 30 physical stores in Spain, as well as more than 100 Bitcoin ATMs, becoming the company with the largest number of Bitcoin ATMs in the country. 

“We have developed a technological solution that results in an optimal experience for both the BitBase team and its customers in the area of cryptocurrency purchase and sale operations,” explained Rubia Antúnez.

Coderland’s entry into the development of solutions for the cryptoactive sector is one more step for the Panamanian company on the road to building projects that add value to its Spanish-speaking clients. 

“It has been very interesting and inspiring to be able to develop this project for BitBase, as it is a Spanish company that has committed for the Latin American talent that Coderland has for the development of a complex digital integration solution, with the challenges that the blockchain world and cryptocurrencies imply, both in terms of operability and transaction security,” said Rubia Antúnez. 

According to the CEO of Coderland, both daily operations with cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions in different sectors of society are an increasingly latent reality both in Spain and in several Latin American countries; therefore, it is relevant that organizations and companies on both continents have a clear roadmap to adopt this technology and incorporate it into their internal and external processes.

“At Coderland we have around 200 employees located in different regions of Latin America and Europe, innovating and developing solutions with the highest technology and security standards. This experience with BitBase allows us to go a step forward to help different organizations design and adopt the necessary technological platforms to incorporate blockchain technology effectively and safely into their processes, such as the management of crypto assets,” said Rubia Antúnez. 

Alex Fernández, CEO of BitBase, said that the search for a trusted technology partner was a long and complex process: “It was very difficult for us to find a comprehensive technology partner who understood our sector, listened to us, and produced the best solution for our business. Coderland understood our needs at both web3 and traditional levels and have helped us build a better core and platform for BitBase. We have gone through more than 10 attempts to find this partner, it has taken us more than a year, but without a doubt, it was a total success to go hand in hand with Coderland.” 

About Coderland

Coderland is the meeting point where the best specialists in digital transformation in Latin America and the projects with the greatest potential for impact meet.
Coderland is a Panamanian company, whose main shareholder is Dominion (BME: DOM), an integrated services and projects company with a presence in more than 35 countries, more than 1,000 clients and a team of more than 10,000 people around the world. With an annual revenue of more than 1 billion euros, Dominion has been listed on the Spanish stock exchange since April 2016. Learn more about Coderland at 

About BitBase

Bitbase, a Spanish company with presence in 3 countries, is the largest operator in Spain and the third largest operator in Europe with more than 100 Bitcoin ATMs and more than 30 physical Exchanges. BitBase employees more than 70 people around the world. 

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